Stories matter.
They have the power to move us and change the way we think.
A good story takes us on a journey. It distils and illuminates.
A great story never quite leaves us.

What we do

MediaWorks is a consultancy and content unit specialising in storytelling and strategic media relations. Offering a range of services from multimedia content production to messaging workshops and media training, MediaWorks helps craft and communicate narratives that cut through the clutter.


Prior to the web we lived in a world of finite column inches and airtime. The web has changed the rules.

Brands now also have the ability to engage audiences directly. Still, nobody wants to sit through boring marketing mumbo jumbo.

Which is why we bring an editorial approach to everything we do.


MediaWorks specialises in producing high-quality content for some of the world's top technology brands.

We employ talented journalistic and technical staff and work with state of the art technology, but our biggest advantage is that we're passionate about telling stories.

Really, it's like a superpower.

The Team

Our storytelling team has designed a process that helps generate impactful content, whatever the medium.

We first talk to you to find out about what you’d like to accomplish as well as the story you’re hoping to tell. Using those insights, we draw up a treatment that outlines our vision.

Here are a few of the people you’re likely to meet along the way.

Matt Cowan


Matt is an award-winning TV director and journalist who’s spent over 20 years in the media working for some of the world’s most respected media organisations.

Formerly the European Technology Correspondent for Reuters TV, Matt has also written for the UK edition of Wired Magazine and reported for NPR and CBC Radio. He was the Los Angeles Correspondent for CTV News between 2001 and 2004.

Alex Cooper

Head of Creative

Alex loves to create video content that engages, inspires and entertains. He is passionate about the interface between brands and popular culture. He previously spent six and half years at award-winning production company Agile Films, most recently as Head of Content, where he worked on campaigns for EE, MasterCard, Converse and Toyota, among other brands. Alex is a graduate of the University of Oxford.
Hugo Sieiro

Hugo Sieiro

Lead Creative Producer

Hugo specialises in video production and development of digital content. With a background in video game production and the performing arts, Hugo brings a unique creative spark to all projects he works on. Hugo was awarded best SFX at the London 48 Hour Film Project for his film Tricks of the Trade. He was also nominated for Best Low Budget Shortfilm award at the London Shortfilm Festival (2010)


Through our PR agencies Nelson Bostock Unlimited and Fever, MediaWorks has produced videos for some of the world's biggest technology brands.

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